Hello Auntie Ann

A lady today was sharing about her anxiety since becoming a mum.

She said.. “oh here is Auntie Ann paying me a visit”

I liked that a lot. Makes it seem more friendly and less like the cow that she can be… that is unless your Auntie Ann is a cow in which case perhaps that doesn’t work for you…

But made it seem more “everyday” and “normal” if that makes sense…

… and perhaps reminds us that Auntie Ann may be a pain in the bottom but she is also part of who we are, she’s in our blood and so let’s give her a bit of time and breath through how uncomfortable it can be to sit with her and then she can bob off back home after a cuppa.

Auntie Ann will sweep in but make sure you make it as easy as possible to leave swiftly after… don’t make it too comfy for her to stay or she will bagsy the spare room.

Taken that far too literal and to far but hey… I’m allowed 😂

Hugs to all fellow nieces of Auntie Ann

V xx

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