Mobile Torture Device

Yep… I think we all have one. Mines on full power a lot of the time.

In fact I was just led with my daughter and my mind RACED between one horrible thought to the other.

What tied all these random and harrowing thoughts together I hear you ask?! Well thanks for asking lovely 💕

Oh nothing much… just searching my brain for memories which will back up how crap I am, how no one likes me and how lonely I am. 

Like “oh you remember that time xyz couldn’t make it and bet she could but actually she just didn’t want to see  me and was scratching for excuses…” 

Just general 🤯  which my mind pulls out of nowhere to torture me. 

Over and over again.

I’m sure we all have that voice inside which seems programmed to make you feel crap as often as possible.

But the party trick we all need to learn when this voice appears is to silence it, laugh at how ridiculous it is and over think it with all the memories that show you just how loved you and and how much you have to be grateful for.

Because you are lovely… you really are.

Hugs xx

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