What are you putting up with?

Have you ever noticed how quickly you get used to something which was incredibly frustrating at first?

Our shower was out of action for ages and had to have baths which are not quite as quick. To start with it was a real effort but we soon got used to it.

Our dishwasher door has broken so falls down fast when you open it. It made me cross every time I opened the door and yet a few weeks on I have changed the way I open the door (against my leg so it doesn’t fall) and now I could put up with it fir a long time.

When you move it’s quite common that if you don’t unpack everything straight way you get used to them and they could be there years later.

And I have no doubt that thus is the same for our thoughts and feeling too.

If we feel a certain way for too long it becomes the norm and we get used to it. It becomes part of who we are instead of a blip.

We get used to feeling a certain way. In fact I just read a book which said we get so addicted to those feelings that we then subconsciously create situations in our life’s which recreate that emotion or feeling…

So let me ask you.

What emotion or feeling do you think you may be so used to that it has become part of who you are… part of your story?

Isn’t it time we re-wrote that script? I know it’s time for me.

V x

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