Waiting for permission

Isn’t it funny that you have to wait for permission from someone else before you think it is earn who has conditioned us to be so fearful of just doing what deals right to us in any given moment. I mean if you are a psychopath then absolutely… wait to be told but for us normal headed people walking the streets surely we can neutered to think for ourselves…. we weren’t given a brain to just ignore it surely?

At which point in history did thinking for ours,vex become such a crime?

And I’m not talking laws here… I’m talking simple acts of living and yes I’m going to give you an example…

At slimming world etc you are taught to weigh each week. Any more and you could become demotivated…

And yet the waiting demotivates me.

It wasn’t until I read in a magazine this week that an expert advises weighing every day to keep momentum and so you can quickly correct your eating if you are gaining.

This makes perfect sense to me and yet I had to read it from an expert before I allowed myself to partake in daily weighing without guilt. Before that it would feel naughty and as if you were cheating.

And if I hadn’t have weighed myself just now I would not have known I had lost 3lbs since Sunday.

So just do what you feel is right and don’t wait for an experts study to give you permission to accept it.

Hugs lovely xx

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