Don’t listen to people who have too much to lose…

For years I gave sat behind the curtain with my head slightly poking out. I set up the website and know I am more than qualified but the thing which holds me back is that I’m not prepare to play the game.

I’m not prepared to pretend things are a certain way when they are not.

I’m not prepared to pretend to like someone in the hope they can further my goals.

I’m not prepared to suck up to the “insta wanna be celebs” who have stripped the soul out of true business in the hope that one day I will be considered as cool as them. I don’t want to be cool.

I’m not prepared to surround myself with smoke and mirrors so no one can ever work out the truth.

I’m not prepared to sell something I don’t fully believe in so I can make a fast buck.

I’m not prepared to be anything than what I truly am.

A soft natured and sensitive girl who genuinely cares and who is keen to help others create a life on their terms. To help them let go of what Is holding them back and to step in to all that is waiting for them and to share the real life of being a lifelong entrepreneur.

I’ve struggled for years on how I can achieve this, how I can be noticed without having to lower myself to the standards which are being set online.

I’m not prepared to lose myself in that pit of comparison.

The truth is that I am already doing “it”. I am already receiving emails telling me I have changed peoples lives.. and I have been for years.

But I lost sight of that when the Instagram crowd started to make me feel like I was nothing… I wasn’t worth the time it took to write an email as my “presence” wasn’t insta enough.

NO I don’t have the Instagram following, the fake persona or the manufactured life… because I don’t want it. I refuse to play.

But I am doing it anyway. I am changing life’s anyway regardless of numbers.

And you can to.

Don’t let the fake brigade make you believe anything other than you are incredible just the way you are.

Don’t be something else just to fit into a make believe land… own every thought and cell of your being. Own it lovely. You are incredible 💕

Love you 😘

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