It’s not a race lovely

It’s not a race to the finish line.

Think about out it.

You are in a race and you are streaks ahead…

… and you win. Yay!!

Now let’s compare the participants….


  • You didn’t see any of the scenery along the way as you had your head down and were going so fast,
  • You barely remember any of it as it was just a blur
  • You ache a so much because you pushed yourself so fast,
  • You have to wait at the end until everyone you were playing with catches up OR start a new race and leave those people behind.
  • You feel like you want to run another race again… well not until you have recovered.


  • They enjoyed every moment of the race as they did it in their time and at their pace. They pushed themselves to THEIR limit and it felt good.
  • They still have a post run glow but they haven’t nearly killed themselves in the process
  • They would happily run the race again tomorrow as there was so much pleasure in it and perhaps focus on improving on THEIR times without a care for anyone else’s results.
  • They are genuinely happy for you to win as it wasn’t about being the best or first for was about the experience.
  • They can see this is about a lifelong health hobby and not a quick fix and intuitively know if they take their time then it will stick longer.
  • There is a full on party waiting for them when they finish.

Both just entered the same race. One person took it so seriously that they forgot to enjoy the process and the other did it at their pace, on their terms and enjoyed both the journey and finishing.

What I am learning fast is that we can keep our heads so far down as we tick off our goals that we forget to live.

Don’t let that be you lovely.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey. You get to set the speed, the destination and the amount of joy you can squeeze out from everything in between.

Never forget that 💕

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