Let it float on by…

How easy is it to get sucked into someone else’s “stuff”? And yes I could think of another word beginning with S that would work just as well.

As I sit here stewing on how inappropriate others behaviours are and how annoyed it’s made me I can feel it sucking me under into an evening of noisy mind monkeys and misery which will achieve nothing.

And then I remember. It’s not my issue. It’s not my stuff and it’s not my sh*t.

They are grown humans and can make their own decision and I can make mine. And my decision is to not let their decision effect me.

I am making a decision to let it go.

If it was meant to be hurtful then the best revenge is to not let it hurt. If it was done accidentally then why waste time being hurt by something that was not meant to hurt you?

Either way let it go. Don’t let it weigh you down and decide to let it float on by.

Life is hard enough to carry all this weight around which we could have just let go or never picked up in the first place.

Hugs xx

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