You do not need to strain

Somewhere along the way we have convinced ourselves that to be successful we must push ourselves all out of shape. That we must strain and that we must suffer.

I am not sure at which part in History this belief as formed but we are still carrying it now. I know from experience that when it feels easy it feels like I am cheating. It feels like I am doing something wrong and I can’t just be happy with what I am creating.

It is like my success is not valid because I am not stressed out of my eyeballs and so I hide it from all. I never speak of how successful my business is incase anyone asks how… as I am afraid my answer will appear too ‘woo-woo’ right now.

I am believing in all kinds of magic and energy work and as such my life and business feel magical. As if I am not having to try and yet the universe is sending me the most incredible women to support. I am enjoying supporting them and nothing about any of it feels hard.

It hasn’t always been like this. There have been times in the past few years where I have trembled with fear, with anger and with frustration. I felt trapped and I felt I was pushing incredibly hard up a very steep hill.

It is almost as if I feel that what I have created is unfair on others as others have to work so hard and yet it is because I was willing to push through so many comfort zones so early on that I am now being rewarded for that.

I was listening to a coach who I admire greatly talk about how she had felt for so long that what she was doing must be illegal as it felt too easy and she was earning incredible money doing it. I sighed a large sign of relief as I knew I was not alone and it sort of validated my feelings a little.

I think I had been struggling with mental health recently because I felt so guilty that my life had become so easy and was not able to talk about it… I felt almost ashamed instead of proud. It made me feel alone. I belittled what I had created to myself and others to make myself feel more comfortable.

I just need to unpick why… why on earth would I be ashamed about creating an income which allows me total freedom, pays me more than I could ever have earned with my job I left in my 20’s and makes me insanely happy.

Funny old brain hey?! I am sure lots has to be because of our ancestry… coupled with a few money blocks and the crazy society we are living in…. but it is worth noting that you do not need to strain to be successful.. you need to learn to allow it to be easy. Because it can be ridiculously easy.. if we would just let it be.

With love,

Victoria x

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