Stop trying to fix yourself

The moment i stopped trying to fix myself is the moment I healed myself. I realised that I wasn’t broken.. I was in fact just human.

Yes there were areas I could work on to improve areas of my life but I didn’t need fixing.

Those bits I was trying to fix made me who I was and if I wasn’t me then who would I be?

If I ‘fixed’ myself to the point that I wasn’t me anymore then there would never be another me on this planet… and if there would never be another me then who could see the world in the way I do with my unique set of oddball tendencies and unique map of the world.

So our only job in this world is to show up as fully us in the way only we can… owning the bits we once wish we could have fixed. Seeing our worth as the unique mix of everything which makes us us and never wishing to be less or more.

The world needs you to be 100% you.. now and forever. It is the only way you will be able to flfill your lives purpose… especially if you don’t even know what that is yet ❤

Sending so much love

Victoria xx

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