This is what you are so scared…

Do you ever wonder why a baby enters the world without any fear at all and yet as we edge into adulthood we gain more and more fear about almost anything.. well there is a reason.. and thankfully there is something you can do about it.

I will use my own experience today as an example so you don’t start beating yourself up as a shitty human being or a dreadful parent. I am just the same and I feel we have been wired this as human beings to protect ourselves so its not our fault.. unless you can blame us for being human..

This morning I caught my daughter hiding behind the tv.. there are so many wires there that I really dont want her getting behind there so I told her that she may cause a fire if she gets behind there again as the wires may touch each other or something while she is behind there. She looked scared and said that she was sorry as she didn’t know… I told her that she wasn’t supposed to know.. I was her Mummy and it was my job to keep her safe and teach her these things.

Then walking to school I warned my children as we entered the car park that if they entered it without me they may get run over as the cars reverse and wont see them.

Then walking home my daughter was admiring berries on the tree and I told her that she must only eat berries from a shop unless we know for sure they are not poisonous. Again she looked shocked.

All I am trying to do here it protect them. To stop them doing things which will cause harm so they live a healthy and happy life. Yet the flip side of this is that as they grow up they are becoming more and more wary of life.

This then coupled with things at school where we are taught that we don’t fit in or that we are not creative or not mathematical.. we start to fear that we are not good and so stop trying.

All these fears gather and gather until we are one big bundle of fear.

Now as we enter adulthood we know that a lot of this is not true on a conscious level but deep inside all these warnings of what could go wrong at any given time makes us cautious and anxious.

Now I am not the sort of person who could stop protecting my kids as I am anxious about protecting them BUT luckily I have tools such as EFT, NLP and an understanding of what is happening so I can unwire a lot of this programming when they need to know they are safe as an adult to to allow them chase their dreams without fear.

And if you are struggling with fear then also know that you can unwire this fearful default so you step into the brave badass human you know you are hidden under all those fears.

So don’t let the fear define you.. let it guide you and protect you but not control you. And know it is not your fault. None of this.. it is natural and is just the way we learn. BUT you can let it go.

With love

Victoria x

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