Let’s give ourselves (and others) a break

I was sat in the soft-play last week and overheard a few tables of mums talking. I was overwhelmed how negative the conversations were. How much they were judging their friends and revelling in putting the people who were not at the table down.

I also remember in my work experience how I was to afraid to use the loo as the whole room used to bitch about who ever left the room and stopped as soon as they came back.

I think that is why I am so careful about who I work with… it’s soul destroying…

But then the more I think about it the more I wonder if this is human nature and that we just can’t help ourselves .. like a human instinct.

Perhaps it’s a form of self preservation… and have you noticed the most unhappiest of people do it the most? So by deflecting that sadness onto others it makes us feel better?

Which is odd… as this doesn’t make us feel better really… but as I say it feels like something we can’t control.

I do feel like I am less and less bothered now if people chat about me behind my back (it used to send me into a straight jacket!) because I realise it’s not me… it’s them.

That they just be struggling inside if they feel ripping me to shreds will alleviate their pain. That they are in a dark place and what they need it compassion and not frustration.

I feel this is happening naturally as I grow older.. I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt but I am less worried and my nearly 40 year old self would 100% use the toilet if I was in that office again.. in fact I’d try and give them something to talk about while I was gone 😂

I feel like I want to spread joy into this world instead of focusing on the lack of it.. what if we all joined together and made a pact to spread joy each day instead of rumours, hate and distrust?

Hugs lovely xx

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