What if we stopped questioning?

What if we stopped questioning who we were, what we think and where we want to be?

A rose is a rose regardless of what it thinks… it blooms regardless of how it feels.

I find myself over thinking everything at all time. I totally freeze in fear as my head questions my actions over and over again.

Instead of waking up and exercising I lie there in a daze questioning whether I should get up and exercise, whether I should do it later or perhaps whether I should do it at all.

What if I just got up and did it. Counted to 5 and regardless of what I thought or felt.. I just did it.

Imagine how much more confident we would be if we could just get past the mind chatter and do it anyway?

So what do you wish you would just do… on repeat.. without question? What habit would you like to introduce (as that is what we are talking about here… when we develop some things we do without thinking) which would make your world a better place.

For me it is fitness. Health and fitness without a doubt…

I commit here and now that I will exercise each day… after I have had a good think 😉

Sending so much love,

Victoria x

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