Sometimes you just have to do it anyway

So I could have easily have sacked off my yoga class just now. It would have been so much easier for me to sit and go through my growing inbox (I like to keep it cleared down to as close to zero as possible) BUT I have made a commitment to myself to exercise a few times a week and if I skipped this ONE class it would be a slippery slope to miss more and more.

So I put myself into a position where I HAD to go. I had no choice but to go… I owed it to myself to honour the commitment I made myself as I would make to my children.

So the first step is to make the commitment to yourself to make those changes you want to see and the second step is to love yourself enough to keep those promises…

I have learnt that it becomes increasingly hard to love someone who continues to let you down… so make that your first step. Make a commitment… even a small one and follow that though… and repeat until you know that your word to yourself is one you can trust..

And finally give yourself a break if you do let yourself down… we are human after all and we are allowed to slip up BUT don’t let that be the pattern.. let your commitment to your well being be the pattern. That means following your decisions through but also talking to ourselves like the delicate flower that we are when we balls up. Because we will.. often 😉 But all that matters is that you are doing your best ❤

V xx

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