The battle of parenting

Hey lovely! So this weekend I have been pondering on why parenting is so bloody hard and here is what I believe…

Our job is to keep our kids safe.. to help them get stuff done and to evolve into functioning adults so they can survive this crazy world.

Their job is to play.

And so the daily battles of doing their teeth, getting dressed, doing homework cycle in a frustrating circle of black clouds over the house continues.

I try and educate my kids about my job… tell them that I want them to get a good job to afford a nice life but this means NOTHING to them.

They just want to play and they are pissed at me because I am stopping them.

I was probably equally pissed at my parents too. It isn’t until you have kids you need protect that you realise just what a hard job it bloody was for them and what spoilt brats you were to them (yep I was a pain in the bum!)

So if they are outside playing somewhere my job feels like I need to keep them safe. If I see them do something dangerous then I will try and stop them. All they see is me stopping all their fun.

My eldest seems to be permanently annoyed with me because I am trying to parent him. I would love a sliding doors opportunity to see how they would turn out without any parenting at all… There is a good chance they may be ok… but we can’t take that risk with something which is so precious.

Sorry I don’t have answers to this riddle but wanted to share why this feels so hard as we continue to beat our heads against a brick wall. It will pay off and they WILL appreciate it when they are older and have kids on the own but in the mean time we just have to continue to keep them alive as best as we can (and against their will at times!)

It’s a tough job but also such an honour to get to be someone’s own guardian angel here on earth.. which is essentially what we are…yes it is thankless but our thanks will come later in ways we can not even imagine ❤

Hugs strong mamma… we’ve got this!

V xx

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