It’s so much easier to think it’s you

We live in a very ‘me-centric’ world really… just the other day I felt uncomfortable that a lady was staring right at me.. obviously I thought I must have done something to upset her… perhaps a friend had sent her a picture of me as “the “most awful” resident in our village or perhaps I had something on my face. My head as full of “me” and used it as an excuse to fully batter me with the mind monkeys which love any excuse to dance all over any joy which was there before.

Then she got up and walked away and her daughter helped her. It turns out the lady was visually impaired so probably couldn’t even see ‘me’ from where she was.

What a waste of energy on my part! But also how bloody self involved am I to think that any stranger that looks my way has the time to think thoughts about me.. we are all just living our own lives here and passing others in a nano-second heart beat.

Even worse than that perhaps I was staring back at her as I tried to work out what I had done wrong or why she would not like me… So perhaps they thought I was staring at her… but I hadn’t even thought anything about her.. apart from why she may not like me.

Aren’t our minds muddled! I wish I had an easy way to flip these thoughts but until then we just need to see them for what they are. A chance for us to see inside our hearts and identify any areas which we could perhaps become stronger, or areas we could try and mend. Only by working behind the scenes on our thoughts can we become less effected in the moment. It really is brain training… and we need to give it our best shot or the rest of our lives will be caught up in thinking pointless thoughts instead of feeling the joy which is waiting for us behind all that nonsense.

With love from one muddled mind to another

V x

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