Just for today

What if your only job today was to be kind to yourself.

To love yourself enough to put your needs first just for today.

To give up the self doubt.. not for the whole of lent but just for today.

To look in that mirror and smile at yourself. To look yourself in the eyes and appreciate all that you have done.

Just for today don’t focus on the things which you can’t control or the things which annoy you… focus on the things which make you happy.

Just for today don’t give into comparisonitus, self judgment or the mind monkeys.

Just for today give yourself permission to accept yourself…. flaws and all.

Agree with your inner monkey that today is going to be amazing and are excited to see what is coming your way.

Just for today.

Don’t worry about tomorrow lovely, or next week or into next year.

Just think about today and the incredible human that you are as you stand here reading these words.

Right in this moment you are everything you need to be, you are just as you should be and there is nothing to worry about.

With love as always

V xx

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