Clearing a muddled mind

Hey you! So I had fallen out of the habit of mediation but managed to squeeze in a 20 minute session in the last two mornings before the kiddies woke up. Is it any co-incidence that I suddenly feel totally empowered, clear and intentional about my next goal? After I meditated today I opened up my google drive and started writing my first book. I have sat with the wish that I would become an author and yet I have done nothing about it. Yes I have stated to pen out various book ideas but I have never FULLY committed to it.

I realize that I want to be published by a big publishing house… and my dream would be Hay House. Of course the mind monkeys started to jump all over that and remind me that I am in no way good enough or important enough to get published by such an amazing publishing house and yet why the hell not? I have just as much to give as any of their previous authors, I have a lifetime of experience living this life which so many wish to life and I LOVE to write and share from the heart.

So here is my definite plan…to get published by the end of 2019.

From here I can start to work backwards in some of the things I need to do.. I need to perhaps stop playing myself down and show up as who I truly am. Not to worry that shining brightly will cast shadows on others but trust that by standing up taller and shining brighter that I will light up the way for so many muddled minds behind me.

Funny how taking 20 minutes of trying to clear your mind of any thoughts can lead you to such clarity and confidence… not something which could be achieved in active thoughts trying to untangle a muddled mind.

Sending love to you all ❤

V xx


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