That invisible cape

Hey you! I have 5 mins to update you on my day.. no pressure then 😉

So today I hosted a get it done day with some members to help them move their websites forward. So a really lovely day chatting online while sitting on my sofa (many days are like this for me!)

But in between sessions I squeezed in a coaching session with a wonderful lady. To clarify I was the one being coached. She took me through the Disney strategy which I will explain more about when the clock is not ticking so loudly but for now I want to share the parting advice from the session.

To take down the invisible cape and just get comfortable with being seen.

How can I help people if I live in hiding from the world?

How can I make a difference if I hide under my invisible cape?

And that is what I have been doing in various degrees for years. I will pop out to do something but then go back and hide again when I feel to visible.

It looks like this :

Step 1) Do something online such as video or heartfelt post.

Step 2) Get noticed, receive comments and feel heard.

Step 3) Freak out that people heard my words and then go back and hide back under my cape.


Because I am scared. Scared of being seen and yet I so much want to share what my heart is screaming at me. I believe us humans have it so so wrong and think I could genuinely help people and yet here I am too afraid to speak above a whisper.

So much to unpick here ( I did say my mind was muddled) but not for today as I need to do the school run… and fast!

With love

Victoria xx

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