Argh I’m not a total freak ;-)

Have you ever listened to something or read a book which has made you stop in your tracks and fight back the tears?

Not because it made you sad but you felt an instant feeling of belonging?

You could have written it yourself apart from they have been able to put into words something which has been too muddled in your own thoughts.

All this time you felt there was something wrong with you. That you didn’t fit in or didn’t belong and that no matter how good things are going there is an underlying loneliness which brings nothing but darkness into your mind?

That no matter how many friends you have or people you have around you that you just feel a deep sense of aloneness?

Well this happened to me. I read something which brought me to tears. Tears of release.

I realized that what i am experiencing is totally normal. A mid life crisis they called in and there are lots of reasons which lead us to feeling so unfulfilled irregardless of how ‘lucky’ we are.

I am going to try and write a lengthy blog post on this over on focusing on the reasons behind this and hopefully some things we can do.

I also believe I was MEANT to listen to this part of the audio book I am listening too TODAY.

It followed a coaching call with a wonderful lady yesterday and we touched on this loneliness there. The world really does show up and support you when you lean in and listen.

With love lovely

V xx


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