I wish you knew

I wish you knew how much it hurt.

I wish you knew how much I’ve struggled.

I wish I could explain the leaps of faith I’ve had to take without anyone there to catch me.

I wish I could truly convey how scared I’ve been and how alone I’ve felt.

I wish you could understand how it feels to be betrayed, to be used and to be walked over by people you trusted but who turned out to value money over your friendship.

I wish you could see that despite all of this that my heart burns stronger that ever and could never give up all that being an entrepreneur is.

Because yes the last 16 yrs has been tough, really hard and at times I feared it had finally broken me… but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Every testing moment, every lowest point and every scheming person has left me stronger than before. More eager to fight for my dreams and more ready to stand up and be counted.

So if you are on the other side looking to make a step towards opening your own business and are scared.

You should be scared… but you should also do it anyway.

You will never regret taking a chance in yourself and doing something for yourself. You may however regret waking up one day and realising your life has passed you by and the majority of it was spent dancing to someone else’s tune at the expense of your dreams.

I’m not promising it will be easy as it isn’t… but if you are looking to live a full and wonderful life then there is no better time than now.

Jump in and just learn to enjoy the ride as when you do your life can change in an instant.

Hugs xx

It’s not a race lovely

It’s not a race to the finish line.

Think about out it.

You are in a race and you are streaks ahead…

… and you win. Yay!!

Now let’s compare the participants….


  • You didn’t see any of the scenery along the way as you had your head down and were going so fast,
  • You barely remember any of it as it was just a blur
  • You ache a so much because you pushed yourself so fast,
  • You have to wait at the end until everyone you were playing with catches up OR start a new race and leave those people behind.
  • You feel like you want to run another race again… well not until you have recovered.


  • They enjoyed every moment of the race as they did it in their time and at their pace. They pushed themselves to THEIR limit and it felt good.
  • They still have a post run glow but they haven’t nearly killed themselves in the process
  • They would happily run the race again tomorrow as there was so much pleasure in it and perhaps focus on improving on THEIR times without a care for anyone else’s results.
  • They are genuinely happy for you to win as it wasn’t about being the best or first for them..it was about the experience.
  • They can see this is about a lifelong health hobby and not a quick fix and intuitively know if they take their time then it will stick longer.
  • There is a full on party waiting for them when they finish.

Both just entered the same race. One person took it so seriously that they forgot to enjoy the process and the other did it at their pace, on their terms and enjoyed both the journey and finishing.

What I am learning fast is that we can keep our heads so far down as we tick off our goals that we forget to live.

Don’t let that be you lovely.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey. You get to set the speed, the destination and the amount of joy you can squeeze out from everything in between.

Never forget that 💕

Don’t listen to people who have too much to lose…

For years I gave sat behind the curtain with my head slightly poking out. I set up the website and know I am more than qualified but the thing which holds me back is that I’m not prepare to play the game.

I’m not prepared to pretend things are a certain way when they are not.

I’m not prepared to pretend to like someone in the hope they can further my goals.

I’m not prepared to suck up to the “insta wanna be celebs” who have stripped the soul out of true business in the hope that one day I will be considered as cool as them. I don’t want to be cool.

I’m not prepared to surround myself with smoke and mirrors so no one can ever work out the truth.

I’m not prepared to sell something I don’t fully believe in so I can make a fast buck.

I’m not prepared to be anything than what I truly am.

A soft natured and sensitive girl who genuinely cares and who is keen to help others create a life on their terms. To help them let go of what Is holding them back and to step in to all that is waiting for them and to share the real life of being a lifelong entrepreneur.

I’ve struggled for years on how I can achieve this, how I can be noticed without having to lower myself to the standards which are being set online.

I’m not prepared to lose myself in that pit of comparison.

The truth is that I am already doing “it”. I am already receiving emails telling me I have changed peoples lives.. and I have been for years.

But I lost sight of that when the Instagram crowd started to make me feel like I was nothing… I wasn’t worth the time it took to write an email as my “presence” wasn’t insta enough.

NO I don’t have the Instagram following, the fake persona or the manufactured life… because I don’t want it. I refuse to play.

But I am doing it anyway. I am changing life’s anyway regardless of numbers.

And you can to.

Don’t let the fake brigade make you believe anything other than you are incredible just the way you are.

Don’t be something else just to fit into a make believe land… own every thought and cell of your being. Own it lovely. You are incredible 💕

Love you 😘

Waiting for permission

Isn’t it funny that you have to wait for permission from someone else before you think it is earn who has conditioned us to be so fearful of just doing what deals right to us in any given moment. I mean if you are a psychopath then absolutely… wait to be told but for us normal headed people walking the streets surely we can neutered to think for ourselves…. we weren’t given a brain to just ignore it surely?

At which point in history did thinking for ours,vex become such a crime?

And I’m not talking laws here… I’m talking simple acts of living and yes I’m going to give you an example…

At slimming world etc you are taught to weigh each week. Any more and you could become demotivated…

And yet the waiting demotivates me.

It wasn’t until I read in a magazine this week that an expert advises weighing every day to keep momentum and so you can quickly correct your eating if you are gaining.

This makes perfect sense to me and yet I had to read it from an expert before I allowed myself to partake in daily weighing without guilt. Before that it would feel naughty and as if you were cheating.

And if I hadn’t have weighed myself just now I would not have known I had lost 3lbs since Sunday.

So just do what you feel is right and don’t wait for an experts study to give you permission to accept it.

Hugs lovely xx

You don’t need fixing

You’re not broken lovely. You don’t need fixing.

Coming at it from that angle starts you on the back foot and suggests there is something wrong with you.

Where as really you are just bloody normal.

It’s the world around you which is broken and the fact you are struggling suggests to me that there is nothing wrong with you. If I guy were not feeling the way you were about the current state of play then I would say you had bigger issues to worry about.

So don’t worry about fixing you…you just need to work out what makes you happy and do more of that. They rest will fall in to place from your happy place.

Hugs beautiful xxx

What are you putting up with?

Have you ever noticed how quickly you get used to something which was incredibly frustrating at first?

Our shower was out of action for ages and had to have baths which are not quite as quick. To start with it was a real effort but we soon got used to it.

Our dishwasher door has broken so falls down fast when you open it. It made me cross every time I opened the door and yet a few weeks on I have changed the way I open the door (against my leg so it doesn’t fall) and now I could put up with it fir a long time.

When you move it’s quite common that if you don’t unpack everything straight way you get used to them and they could be there years later.

And I have no doubt that thus is the same for our thoughts and feeling too.

If we feel a certain way for too long it becomes the norm and we get used to it. It becomes part of who we are instead of a blip.

We get used to feeling a certain way. In fact I just read a book which said we get so addicted to those feelings that we then subconsciously create situations in our life’s which recreate that emotion or feeling…

So let me ask you.

What emotion or feeling do you think you may be so used to that it has become part of who you are… part of your story?

Isn’t it time we re-wrote that script? I know it’s time for me.

V x

Just document it…

I love writing things down. I love journaling and working things through on paper.

The issue is that I over think everything…what will people think? Will it help someone? Will it hurt someone? Will I be judged? Does it make sense?

So I dry up. Either because I’m feeling as if my words are not being heard or that they are being heard too loudly. Basically no matter what happens I have conditioned myself to pull pack regardless as it’s safer than breaking through that invisible wall which hold so many of us back.

I saw the great Gary V say that our only job is to document and not get caught up in the creation of fancy graphics etc.

I love how it sound so easy and essentially that’s what I want to do.

I want to heal myself… I want to be my best self and yet I am so far away from that ideal that it feels like climbing Mount Everest,

I also feel compelled to share my journey as I am told it helps others and I want nothing more than to help others as I help myself. If something works for me then I want to tell everyone so it can he,o others who are struggling too.

The issue is that as I have been feeling so broken that I struggle to remain consistent due to all the terrible mind chatter I have going on. Instead of allowing my self to just talk on paper (which I am doing here) I keep putting rules and plans around the words.

So this is my plan with this site which I set up in a whim at the end of last year when I felt I had no where else to go.

I want to document as often as I can what I am doing, and how I am feeling so when I am standing in front if you thus vision of health and happiness I can perhaps pull together a plan for others so follow. Sort of leaving a bread trail for me to work backward and unpick what it takes to get me feeling whole.

Anyway that’s my little note to you today… I say ‘you’ but I haven’t told anyone I am writing this yet and want to get a little further along the path before I tell anyone… I want to prove to myself that I can be consistent… day two and counting 💕👌

And for the record today I have exercised, had a green smoothie, drunken water, had no sugar, alcohol or caffeine… I even took my little girl out for a baby chino and instead of my normal mocha I went for peppermint tea and no cake… I feel so much stronger in sticking to this and I am sure it is the meditation which has shifted something. I can’t wait to share more on this..

With all my love,

V x