Not such a muddle any more

Hey beautiful ❤ Thanks for checking this site out. I started writing this particular blog as a form a therapy for me. I needed a safe space to explore my feelings and as I love writing it felt like a good way to unpack the muddles onto the table so I could start to pack it all back together in less of a muddled way.

Turns out that what I have now, instead of a muddled mind, is an unsettled mind and that my love is OK.

An unsettled mind is simply one which is not willing to make do, to go along with everyone else and simply fit in with things which do not sit well with them. Having an unsettled mind shows you that you want things to change and change is a part of growth and a very natural trait of being a human. . It just feels a bit uncomfortable as you are being called for things which seem to scary right now. Perhaps decisions you need to make, things you need to face or things you need to let go of. None of that is easy but very necessary if you wish to feel settled once again. I know this because it is only when I threw it all up in the air to claim the life which has been calling me that I started to settle into who I know I was born to be. Before it felt like a caged animal inside of me trying to fight it’s way out which is no good for anyone.

When we are caught in that space of knowing things can not continue as they are but also fearing having to take the action which is calling us we become trapped in an unsettling limbotic dance between dreading our future and resenting our past.

When we realize that our memories are simply records of the past, and not necessarily truthful and accurate ones we can learn to let them go and no longer feel that familiar grip over our hearts. When we realize that we can infact visualize our future as clearly as looking in the mirror and start living the future now then we can enjoy our present moment so much more. We become settled in the present knowing that we are strong with unshakable confidence that we are here for more and that we everything we need to make our dream come true is there for us when we need it. Our only job is to learn to trust in ourselves and in our ability to make the impossible possible while living life totally on our terms.

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