Why so Muddled?

Hi there lovely! By supporting hundreds of women to start their own creative business I can now see how closely the creative brain has to dance with the demons when it dares to follow it’s dreams.

The creative soul is a sensitive one.  It cares deeply and it wishes nothing more than to live in a beautiful world.

The thing is that this can come hand in hand with mind chatter, lack of confidence and a whole host of other ‘mind’ health issues. I am deliberately not using the term mental health here as I feel more and more than this is what is partly at blame to stigmatizing it rather than seeing it for what it is…

…a normal part of life which can effect ANYONE. Literally ANYONE and yet we feel shame and guilt at why our brains will not play ball.

I plan to share openly on this blog my own struggles with my muddled mind. Yes I have a successful business and am living the life I dreamed up… and yet still I struggle to remain happy and healthy which leads me to question… why?

Why are the human race struggling so much to remain happy? Even when on the outside we have EVERYTHING we could ever want it still does not feel enough. Why are more than 20% of us on anti-depressants so we can literally continue with our days? Where are we going so wrong that we are breaking our brains?

So while I have given myself permission to share openly and without structure on this onling journal… it may be a little chaotic and muddled for your brain to process 😉

Please do visit createmore.space which builds on what I share here but in a more structured and practical way by sharing advice, tools, strategies and more to help you take steps towards making those dreams of yours a reality…despite that band of noisy mind monkeys trying to throw you off course.

This blog is intended to document and demonstrate that everyone is human and even though someone looks successful on the outside please don’t assume they don’t have a head full of worries, self doubt and pain which they are battling with too.

I plan to invite people from all walks of life to share insights into their muddled mind and together we can build a real picture of what it means to be human. If you wish to contribute please let me know.

With love from one crazy dreamer to another ❤

Victoria xx